Trusting an Airbnb management company with your Airbnb in Noosa is huge. It’s important to get the best possible return while attracting guests who will look after and respect your home. You should be able to use your home whenever you want and be confident that everything will stay maintained and in tip top condition. Mel and I host (or help host) about 20 Airbnb holiday homes from Noosa down to Peregian. We’ve hosted over 200 guests in Noosa from across the world! Our average star rating is 4.9 (out of 5) stars! High reviews, commitment and a super quick response rate has made Airbnb recognise us as Noosa Superhosts.

So what do you need to ask a potential Airbnb holiday rental manager or Airbnb co-host when looking to rent your Noosa home on Airbnb?

1.What is your review score – are you a Superhost? According to Airbnb, Superhosts are experienced hosts who provide a shining example for other hosts and extraordinary experiences for their guests. Once a host reaches Superhost status, a badge will automatically appear on their listing to help potential guests identify them. Guests can also filter their search for Superhost listings – a popular tool for frequent Airbnb travellers who prefer to stay with hosts that are known for quality homes. This really helps make a listing stand out amongst the ever increasing number of Airbnb’s in Noosa. Superhosts also have access to custom URLs for each of their listings.

2. How will you ensure my listing stands out from all the others? Your Airbnb property manager needs to have some understanding of Airbnb’s algorithms. We don’t want to give too many things away but if they can’t give you at least 3 tips to increase your listing’s visibility then they are probably not the best fit for you. Remember, first impressions count. Make sure your Airbnb property manager organises for your holiday home to be professionally photographed.

3. When are you available to guests? The answer should be 24/7! Things happen. Toddlers can accidentally drop keys down drains (in the middle of the night!), fuses can blow leaving families with no power (we’ve had to call Energex at 10pm to ensure three little kids get to bed with working fans/air conditioners).  A noise complaint from a neighbour needs to be sorted promptly. Guests need to know they are being heard. A prompt response to a broken TV (even if it can’t be fixed during their two day stay), is appreciated and can prevent a nasty review. Make sure your Airbnb property manager really cares about your guests.

4. Will you cancel a booking if you feel uncomfortable with it? How can you do this and what penalties will there be (from Airbnb). It is possible to cancel an instant booking if you feel uncomfortable with it. There has to be a legitimate reason and your listing can ‘take a hit’ in terms of its visibility. Your Airbnb property manager should discuss this with you – certain circumstances can see them loose their Superhost status – are they prepared to do this? If we feel we need to cancel an instant booking, we will do it, and we have! The last thing we want is to have neighbours complaining, houses not respected and damaged. Holiday homes are for holidays – not for wild parties!

5. What is your response rate on Airbnb? Officially, on Airbnb it should be listed as under an hour. In reality, it should be within a few minutes. While potential guests are waiting for a response, they’re also going to be scrolling through the other amazing Airbnbs in Noosa. Team BnB guests are generally responded to within 5 minutes (or less!). If a request comes through during the night, we’ll be onto it from 6am! This is one of the many benefits of using Team BnB – it is operated by us! The owners. Our business is just a part of our lives.

6. Do you have a real estate licence? It’s a requirement, especially if rent is being collected on your behalf (in that case, your property manger needs to be operating a trust account).

7. How do you ensure that my Airbnb will be cleaned to a certain standard, do you provide any amenities and welcome gifts? Does your Airbnb manager work with cleaning company that understands the cleaning standards of a holiday home? What do they look for at the end of a clean (look for answers like, clean crockery, cupboards free of dirt, nothing left under beds etc etc). Welcome gifts are always nice, especially for guests who have booked a home during Noosa’s holiday season and paying a premium – are you going to be paying for these?

8. Apart from your service fee – are there any other costs to be aware of? You’ll need to arrange to have your lawns looked after, your pool maintained, and your smoke alarms checked. But does your Airbnb property manager supply bathroom essentials and kitchen basics, and will you be charged per roll of toilet paper? Is there a call out fee if they need to help guests with something in the house such as working the TV? What about departure cleans (this can become very expensive). Team BnB’s service fee includes all the basics and it’s part of our job to ensure guests have a great stay so we’ll attend to properties when needed. Departure cleans are charged to our guests.

9. Do you live/is your office close by and how frequently do you personally attend to my Airbnb? This is not an unreasonable question. Team BnB is based in Noosa and we both live locally. We know the area, we know about all the tourist attractions (like most locals, we host family members all through the winter!) We intended to run this business all over the Sunshine Coast but quickly realised we needed to be close. Now we only take on Airbnbs in Noosa and sometimes Peregian (depending on the property). We always attend to properties, the occasional check on cleaning before guests arrive, dropping of a platter or bottle of wine for our upmarket properties, regular inventory checks, filling up the supply cupboard, attending to guest needs, acting on noise complaints, letting in tradespeople… we can keep going!

10. Do you create a house manual and what is in it? Your Airbnb property manager needs to provide a house manual for guests. There are always tricky dishwashers, televisions, pool pumps. All of these things need to be outlined in the house manual. Good knowledge of how things work will alleviate the need for your property manager to organise a tradesperson to atend to the property – a lot of issues can be easily fixed if you know the appliance. Recommendations on what to do in Noosa should also be supplied – this is not just about providing guests with a handful of brochures grabbed from the Noosa Tourist Information Centre – personal recommendations are always appreciated.

Lastly, Airbnb works on trust. When appointing someone to manage your Airbnb, you need to trust them. Trust them with pricing, property maintenance, cleanliness standards and just generally get along with them. This feeling has to be mutual  – we need to ensure we can trust our owners. For example, when a dishwasher needs replacing, we need approval for a new one. We need to be able to easily contact our owners. We need to know that our owners have a reasonable understanding of Airbnb and the issues that could arise. It’s not always smooth sailing but issues can always be sorted out when both parties understand each other.

If you need help with your Noosa Airbnb, please get in touch. We will have an initial discussion with you to work out if your property is suited to Airbnb. We’re here to help! Further information can be found on our homepage 


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